About us

Our Story

Firstly, thank you for visiting Shoesyoulike.com. We appreciate you taking time to come and read our story.

Shoesyoulike.com is owned by A&H Footwear Ltd, which was started by 2 young and ambitious former colleagues, who worked together within the e-commerce sector, where they gathered the knowledge and experience which made it possible for them to start their own small e-commerce business. 

In 2015, we rented a small 200sqft office space. As the sales increased, we were able to expand our inventory and bring in a wider collection of items. Now in 2021, with the support of our customers, we now have a 4000sqft warehouse & office space and 1500sqft for our reserved stocked. 

From day 1, we have prioritized customer satisfaction and offered all of our customers the lowest prices for quality products. We believe this is the reason we have come this far.


Our Vision

Our vision is to continue offering the best service and the lowest prices for our customers, and with our own platform, this will now be easier than ever. As we will be able to communicate directly with our customers and take into account any feedback, in order for us to adapt and keep our customers happy. So please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you might have.